Being an artist is a big responsibility, it requires a constant adaptation to people’s requests. An artist cannot afford to stagnate in some specific principles; the methods to present art need to keep up with history, because history helps them and has to get rid of them when they start being an obstacle.

The prejudice that art is a mere exterior imitation of nature is as old as the world itself, and I say exterior to distinguish it from the profound imitation of life that belongs to all artists from any time and any country, which is not so much imitation as a fantastic representation of reality.

Roman Spring - Oil on Canvas cm 70 x 50If what our heart tells us
can be considered poetry,
then the touch of a paintbrush
should be considered the same,
since the shades of colours are so many
that they can lead us to imagine paradise
…and because the hand that paints
belongs to a big-hearted man.


I’m not talking of the public as mass, so disoriented in front of some, even excellent, form of modern art that they wonder who, between them and the artist, is really the fool… they are indeed insensitive to the artistic phenomenon and only receptive to the correspondence of art and reality.

D'Apres Van Gogh - Oil on canvas cm 70 x 50All great masters, especially the most modern ones, have held in high regard and have practiced the exercises of the study of art adapted for the people who generally don’t have much time at their disposal. The art exercises are practiced to overcome oneself and organize one’s life, in order not to become attached to some things that can be an obstacle to achieving one’s own goal. So all the people that sincerely desire perfection can find in the practice of the greatest master‘s exercises an effective way to achieve the pleasure of living in art.

In our conversations with the people of the world, on our trips, etc., we eventually realize that we are all the same in the way we judge things. And yet we are meant to live socially, to cooperate with others to make this world better.

The artist must live in the world without belonging to the world.