Art and LifeBecoming an Artist, great or less great, depends on two components of this mysterious and charming activity:

Talent and Technicque“. Talent without technique will always remain at a potential state.

Knowing the technique means getting rid of all the obstacles generated by inexperience and that get in the way between our intuition and its realization. Learning to paint is actually learning to see and then proceeding by applying the techniques in the right way.

Painting means exactly this, getting to know figurative art, overcoming all the obstacles in the process by getting familiar with the necessary tools and improving and studying the oil technique, considered the most complete of all, with the help of people that have an acquired experience of this technique.

Exchanging and comparing different experiences on the field of artistic expression which is not pure and simple amusement, but requires involvement, passion and sometimes suffering, giving evidence to have understood a fundamental theorem of life rather than a mere creative journey, in other words the symbiosis between art and life.

Passion for art and love for colour don’t imply a predisposition for drawing. The composition of a painting is not tied to the centrality, the several elements have their own life, even though they participate in that surreal glow where the pictorial atmosphere gathers them into an overall vision and poetry.

This is the best way to learn to paint.