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  • In the art world there are artists, contemporary and from the past, that have the gift, through their work, to bring to the human vision instants...

  • This review doesn’t want to be purely academic, but a testimony meant to give value to a self taught man who managed to achieve a very good artistic level and his own personal style.

  • Analyzing some of Giovanni Giannini’s works, I notice the preponderance of lively colours; the red of Saint Peter’s background is, in my opinion, a colour that represents love, while the blu mixed with white is the...

  • The neat lines and the conception of space show significant technical preparation, but not at the expenses of poetry.

  • Gianni has always shown a real interest for painting and this form of art allowed him to put on display his sensitivity as a man and as an artist.

  • S.S. Pope John Paul II (1990) picture