In the art world there are artists, contemporary and from the past, that have the gift, through their work, to bring to the human vision instants of perfection of our early life and of a superior life that become connected and intertwined. These are the artists that stopped time through their art, in a perfect snapshot of joy and beauty that nothing could ever corrupt.

Giovanni Giannini’s works, his drawings, his oil paintings can bring back to life the messages of many masters from the past that preceded him and who wanted to remind us our divine essence. Because a baby’s smile is divine, and so is the veil of sadness in an older man’s eyes, the strength still vigorous in a man’s face whose life is almost over but who keeps incomparable dignity and pride inside of him.

Being able to perceive all this is not everyone’s gift, and mind you: I’m not just talking of his painting technique, you can achieve that in time, but this special type of sensitivity is for some privileged artist only, someone who is in touch with spiritual forces that allow him to catch those “moments of the soul” that other people don’t even realize that exist.

Giannini himself is part of his own portraits: he can perceive unique moments that are ignored by those people who are incapable of waiting, suffering and using their personal inner filter to bring to the surface the beauties and harmonies that have been buried inside of us for ages and that he never lost, at least inside of him.

Giannini finds in the features of the older men and the children he portrays his natural daily prayer, which keeps connecting him to superior worlds and above all he always catches the thing that he loves the most in this world: life, its beauty, the spirituality hidden inside of us. His hands, while creating his works of art, will always be in contact with the heart of things, with the heart of infinite love.