This review doesn’t want to be purely academic, but a testimony meant to give value to a self taught man who managed to achieve a very good artistic level and his own personal style.

Years ago, I think in 1990, I met Giovanni Giannini during the exhibition in Colli Aniene “Art in the Neighbourhoods” and he was introduced to me by the painter Marco Di Francesco who was also taking part in the exhibition. Back then, Giovanni worked for Alitalia and he devoted his free time to the study of drawing technique and painting.

I want to point out that in this exhibition he was displaying a great portrait of the Holy Father Pope John Paul II, a work of art that was really appreciated by the critics and even by the Holy Father.

Then we lost touch and only years later, when Giovanni moved to Guidonia (the same town where I lived) we got in touch again with assiduous cultural exchanges and visits to our respective painting studios. In these occasions I could once again appreciate his work.

Giovanni, as already mentioned, is self taught, his love for painting is a passion he’s always cultivated. His main interest in his research is the study of portrait and sometimes of landscape: his figurative language sometimes almost reaches academic levels. As a matter of fact, he states “Now that I’m retired, I can fully devote myself to drawing and painting; I like the “sfumato” of Tuscan painters from the 1600s. To create my works I use the techniques of the sanguine, charcoal drawing, crayons and oil colours.”

Analysing his last works, you can realize how his portraits reach such a level of maturity that they contain realistic effects both in the resemblance and in the formal perfection: the object seems to reflect itself in the mirror. This precision in the line and the brushstroke describe on the surface effects that are almost photographic as if seen by a lense-eye and that make his style personal and unique.

Capabilities enhanced by the experience achieved in years of work have made of Giovanni an attentive artist with a probing eye piercing through the soul of things.