Through the years I’ve taken part in several events and art exhibitions..

1989Museum of Roman Civilization Tenth International Grand Prize “I sette colli di Roma”

1990International Painting Sculpture and Graphics showcase sponsored by Alitalia Club

1990Art in the quarters of Rome – Meeting John Paul II Colli Aniene

1990Personal – Literary Center of Latium Rome

1991First edition ‘Prestige’ Art and Culture Prize Palazzo Valentini, Rome

1991A.S.C.A. Competition Trophy, Dublin

1991Personal C.R.I. Charity Exhibition Rome

1992Exhibition in the Academy of Romania

1992Third edition Nature and poetry National Library sponsored by the Ministry of Environment and Cultural assets of Rome

1993Art and craftmanship “City of L’Aquila”

1993A.S.C.A. Competition Trophy, Bruxelles

1994“On the wings of fantasy” Municipal Hall of Ciampino – Rome

1995First Spring Exhibition Athena Art Gallery Rome

1996Exhibition at Madonna della Cona in Cave (Rome)

1997A.S.C.A. Competition Trophy, Rome

1999Art showcase Naval Museum of Fiumicino supported by Aeroports of Rome

2000First Art showcase of “Alitalia and Arts” Rome

2001Second Art showcase of “Alitalia and Arts” Rome

2002Ehibition in Trastevere – S. Francesco a Ripa Rome

2003“Painters of the roman province” Auditorium Parco della Musica (Rome)

2003Third Art showcase of “Alitalia and Arts”

2004Touring exhibition Villa Adriana – Tragliata – Ostia Lido (Rome)

2004Palestrina Painting Prize B.C.C.

2004Charity Exhibition Onlus Stella Maris Villanova di Guidonia (Rome)

2005ROMART Vicolo del cinque – Trastevere Rome

2006Palazzo Castelli Rome “The language of suburbs”

2007First contemporary art showcase “the reality of the invisible” Teatro Tendastrisce Rome

2008“Events beyond the notes” Hotel Eurostars Rome Congress

2009Tor Vergata University

2009“Artists in comparison” Museum of musical instruments of Rome

2010G. Verga Rome